Social Media Management

Social Media Management

1. Advertising

  • Our social media expertise advertise our clients based on their requirement and promote them in various types.
  • Our expertise will give the complete detail report on advertising. 
  • Hence, they also give the best suggestions to our clients based on the Advertising report.

2.Social Media & Promotion

  • Our team of social media expertise will find the news that leads to political persuasion;  more people uses social media platforms for News sources. In that case most of political opinions will be affected. This helps our client to achieve the goal.
  • We use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, You tube, LinkedIn etc. to promote our client.

3.Live Interaction Using Social Media Platforms

  • Our team will conduct some live interactions with common people and find out the pulse on political parties and their leaders by asking various questions. Also, our team of experts analyse them and give the conclusion reports.
  • In this live section we also conduct the opinion poll on certain political parties & Leaders, based on the report we analyse and suggest to our client what to do and what not do in their political campaign.
  • For live sessions, we use various social media like webinar, Youtube live, Facebook live and Instagram etc… to promote our client.
  • For opinion poll – we use the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That gives some close results.

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