Our Team

Our Team

Content Writer

Our team is well versed with some of the greatest content ideas not just for your campaigns, but also for blogs, posts, articles, social media posts and other written handouts.

Our Content writers are expertise in new political content ideas and approaches to writing blog posts, articles, social media posts, etc.

Data Scientists

Our Data scientists creates specific machine learning model depending on political data. Exhaustive data analysis is done and presented in an easy manner through dashboards to the clients. With the help of this analysis one can easily check how your competitors are targeting people. What are the pros and cons that even you can use in your campaign to fill the void.

Our team of Data scientists will build the Machine learning model for the political data and data analysis to present in various Dashboards to our clients.

Social Media Experts

Team of social media experts are vell versed and have proficient amount of knowledge of how to promote your work. They are going to handle your accounts on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. These social media platforms will be used to promote the work you are doing either for your constituency.

Our Social media experts will handle all social media platforms and promote the work as per their requirements, In a flexible way.


Social & Political Analysts

With the experienced social advisor and political analysts are there to mentor the clients in a certain way representing them as per voter’s requirements.

We have an experienced social advisor & political analyst to guide the clientele in certain conditions and lead our client to the voter’s requirements.

Field Managers

They will be collecting various survey reports from field executives and will Transfer the Reports to our Data Scientists to Analyse at Booth Level to Prepare Strategies.


Conduct In-depth survey at Booth Levels to know the current Mood of Voters and where to Correct before it is too late. Data collected will be used to launch political campaigns to have the support from the maximum scalps.

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