Digital Media Management

Digital Media Management

1. Website Design

Website is like an eye-proof for your identity on the Internet, in which your lifestyle, election manifesto, your videos and ideas and blogs are written. In today’s time, almost all the leaders are engaged in getting their website built. Through this, a separate identity is created in your internet.

2. Bulk SMS Advertise

Through Bulk SMS service, we are able to make good contact with voters of the area. Our team takes care of proper equations in sending bulk SMS. Our team is known for reaching more voters in minutes and for sending appropriate messages to voters.

3. Voice Call (OBD)

Our team is committed to providing domain with your voice to the right place and voters. Through this domain, we can send millions of calls in a minute.

4. Social Media Ads

Through social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn), people in the area have to create a positive image towards you through cash promotion in your elected area.

5. WhatsApp Massage Campaign

WhatsApp is the most used message application in the world today. We know how to deliver your message in logo through wholesale WhatsApp Campaign.

6. Audio Conference

Through the audio-conferencing call, we can talk to your companions and your party workers in each booth together in your area from time to time.

7. Video Conference

Through the video conferencing call, we can talk to your fellow party workers in each booth together through the video call in your area

8. Through Webinar

We show your gathering on digital platform through Webinar. You can address thousands of people simultaneously with your video. In today’s time, many political parties are using this domain for many state elections.

9. Update Voter About Daily News

Transparency is very important in the election campaign process. That is why we reach out to you for daily electoral news and publicity information to potential voters. By doing this, our relations with voters get better.

10. Voters Feedback Management

In this management, responses are received by the members of our professional team on the responses from the voters. It also ensures that no voter has any problem with our answer. All the reactions that come in this management are also recorded, so that we can improve our election.

11. Voters Manifesto Learning Point Ads

In this process, the voters of the area keep reminding them of the promises made in their election manifesto from time to time. This process is done under digital media.

12. Cost Effected

Digital media campaign is completely cost effective, mainly because in this campaign, wide reach of all voters works together through bulk message of all services.

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